The 100 Seasons 1-6 dvd - An Overview

“Octavia was the sole particular person on the globe who actually understood him. There was nobody else he genuinely cared about ever observing again.

For those who find the plot exciting, I like to recommend for you to just watch the show. But with that currently being stated, this book wasn’t ALL negative. I was still entertained and Many others in all probability could well be too.

3 months have passed For the reason that tragedy at Mount Weather and our heroes find out that a bounty has been put on Clarke’s head.

The hundred might need been the primary people to set foot on the planet in a few hundreds of years, Nevertheless they weren’t by itself.

one hundred young people are for being sent to earth just after individuals evacuated it 300 With a fantastic premise and an General fascinating plot, I am able to see why The 100 has presently been signed on by CW like a TV series. If only it absolutely was tightened up with better character advancement and a more powerful determination to entire world creating alternatively of building the passionate angle, it could have been a real site turner.

But, 'Praimfaya' sees Octavia presume the role of commander of people who ended up selected to reside on the eponymous beneath Polis. Octavia concerns she's unable to have the key leadership placement at this important stage in humanity's wrestle for survival, however on account of the support of her brother - that she's lastly completely reconciled alongside one another - and Indra, the girl who had been lifted beneath the bottom steps nearly direct.

's debut had found Television set historical past, when Ellen Degeneres' sitcom change ego came out as a lesbian within a two-aspect episode of ABC's Ellen

Additionally, it sometimes takes place that a marginally undertaking show that is certainly approaching the syndication threshold will probably be canceled because the show just isn't predicted to complete effectively plenty of in syndication to really make it truly worth the main-run manufacturing cost. These was the situation with 8 Easy Guidelines, a sitcom that lasted a few seasons and 76 episodes. ABC thought that the show's adjust of route partway with the series (compelled from the unexpected Dying with website the show's star, John Ritter) more info would make the show fewer palatable for syndication. The network declined to resume the series for a fourth season, which would have created the remaining 24 episodes for making syndication or else practical.

Charmaine convinces Clarke to speak, and she or he tells them every thing which they missed in the final hundred yrs. Clarke catches her and Zeke up. Out of the blue they hear that more and more people are on the ground, which Clarke won't know about.

He is a part in the one hundred by his have option and would do everything and almost everything to shield her. But this solid bond concerning them was really plausible immediately after looking at their history Tale, and I had to admire him.

Consider this: you only crashed into Earth with one other delinquents. You're a boy and you simply weren't imagined to be in this Procedure, however, you risked your life as a way to "guard" the Lady you supposedly "really like" but hates you as you betrayed her in the past.

Het lijkt een onmenselijke oplossing: one hundred jeugdgevangenen worden teruggestuurd naar de aarde om te zien of ze kunnen overleven. Krijgen ze een tweede kans of is dit voor hen het einde? Clarke droomde al jaren van de aarde en wilde er samen satisfied haar ouders naar toe. Nu moet ze alleen. Voor Glass betekent het dat ze iemand moet achterlaten tegen wie ze nooit meer zal kunnen zeggen waarom ze echt werd opgepakt. Bellamy en Wells behoren niet tot de 100 gevangenen, maar willen allebei mee om iemand te beschermen. Tegen welke prijs doen ze dit? De one hundred moeten samen proberen te overleven, maar wie kun je vertrouwen als al je lotgenoten een crimineel verleden hebben? The 100 Season 6 dvd Lezen vanaf ca 15 jaar. Ik heb de serie nog niet gezien. Ik wil eerst alle drie de boeken lezen. Ik heb mensen horen zeggen dat het boek en de serie niet op elkaar lijken, dus ik ben benieuwd. Het boek vind ik in ieder geval goed! Ik heb weer een nieuwe serie erbij. Het leest vlot weg. Ik ben benieuwd naar de andere 2 delen en de serie. ...far more flag 18 likes · Like

I essentially liked their story line Specially every one of the flashbacks about their previous and almost everything they’ve been by way of to help keep Octavia alive.

I'm really utterly fascinated with the dissimilarities they manufactured to the fabric, and I Actually feel that the television adaptation designed it a Significantly stronger work & Tale -- I could produce a lengthy essay on each improve, but will never, to spare you.

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